Episode 7 :: Inner/Outer Demons

This week, Nikki and Carly get real about some inner and outer demons. They clearly have a lot on their mind, including a recent disturbing experience, body image, a not-so-constructive review and of course the current political climate.You’ve never heard Carly go OFF like this, and honestly, it’s what this podcast really needed.We were joined by our amazingly creative, talented and funny friend Sabrina. Find her Instagram here to keep updated on her new YouTube channel!     Add a Comment Share

Trump’s Gag Rule

When did it start? Did it start with “grab her by the pussy”? Did it start with Stormy Daniels? What about the several other sexual assault allegations that the current commander-in-chief of the United State has been met with? When did his intention to take away womxn’s rights begin?   It’s hard to tell. He had this intention even before he took office. It was evident on the campaign trail. We know for a fact, however, that since day 1… Read More

Getting Well With Weed

We talked with Jennifer (Coach Ms. Mindful) all about the many benefits of cannabis for both medicinal and recreational use. Here is the full 101 on all things weed!! SZ :: Please explain the differences between Indica and Sativa? MM :: Great question. Both sativas and indicas are cannabis plants. The names come from where they originate from. Sativa original region started in Columbia, Mexico, and Thailand. It thrives in warmer environments, and grows taller and thinner than indica. Where… Read More


Written by Clarke Rose and originally published in her “Sex and Roses” Blog I sat in my Gender & Health class today as these two girls presented on FGM. Long story short they go on to defend the process and say the women who have had this “procedure” feel empowered and more feminine and pure. Yes, this is sometimes the case. Yes, it is so important to recognise the cultural associations with FGM, and not as a white westerner just go,… Read More