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Talk to the sun

I have been an active member of the Etsy community since April 2011 and I have a very impressive list of favourites that I carefully curate for all of my Etsy followers.

Of all the shops and individual items that I have favourited over the past 7 years, I would have to say that the Talk to the Sun shop and all of her brilliant hand carved stamps are some of my ultimate favourites.

The shop boasts nearly 1,000 different stamp designs, ink pads, cleaners, and paper sets. Riyo, the owner and maker behind Talk to the Sun, hand carves each piece individually with a turn around of about 2 – 3 business days. Some custom stamps are available for weddings, businesses branding, and etc.

Riyo also hosts another shop dedicated to supplies called Talk to the Sun Supplies, which carries fabrics, DIY stamp making kits, scrapbooking supplies, ink pads, and stamp cleaners.

Riyo got an early start in craft and DIY, with instruction and encouragement from her mother in Japan. She began working with rubber stamps in 2008 at the Glebe Market in Sydney, Austrailia and quickly decided that making rubber stamps should be her full time career.

She enjoys making her customers happy through her stamps and she often pretends that she is making each piece for friends and family, ensuring that each piece is extra special.

It is Riyo’s goal to keep true to herself as a person and as an artist and to keep creating with love.

As she puts it, there is nothing wrong with having a slow and simple, creative life.

I totally agree.


Talk to the sun

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