How to Choose the Right Audience

I love marketing!! It is a very crucial part of my business and really any business that operates online or otherwise. As a business owner, you must make it your top priority to master marketing if you want your business to grow and be successful.

Like many other homegrown business owners, I got my marketing education at good old Google University. I highly recommend this learning strategy to anyone who don’t see a formal post secondary diploma in their future. It is crucial.. and better than that, it’s fun!

One of the most important aspects of marketing is determining your target market and figuring out the best methods to actually reach your audience.

For my business, I have focused my marketing efforts mostly on Facebook and Twitter, as those are the platforms where my demographic is most active and because each have excellent targeting tools that allow me to select the age ranges, geographic locations, and interests of my audience.

For the purpose of this post, I will focus on Facebook who state that “compared to the average online reach of 38% for narrowly targeted campaigns, Facebook is 89% accurate”.

That is money well spent, especially if you’re looking for some bang for your buck!

Using Facebook’s ‘ad create’ tool, you can target your audience across various devices, you can deliver relevant messages to specific people, and, of course, you make the most of your money by reaching only the people that matter most to you and your business.

When creating an ad in Facebook, you will start by location targeting, which allows you to select specific locations, a radius surrounding a specific location, or even exclude locations that you may already be targeting with different ads.

Next, you are able to refine your ad’s target market by based on content that individuals have shared about themselves on their Facebook profiles. This is where Facebook’s value as a marketing tool really shines.

Since people will rarely be dishonest when creating their profiles, you can be sure that your ad is actually reaching your desired audience.

You may want to choose an age range, education level, gender, relationship status, employment, or even specific interests. Each of these selections will further narrow your reach. The goal is to cast the biggest net, while also employing several audience describers so that you know that you are actually reaching the people who will care about your product or message.

When targeting your ads, Facebook recommends that you should ideally seek to reach more than 10,000 people. They do not disclose how many people you should limit your reach to, but the marketing experts that I have spoken to say that this number should hover at around 100,000 people per ad.

You can create different ads for different the different audiences that you are hoping to reach. If this is your strategy, just remember that you are trying to reach a whole new group of people with each ad, so don’t let your target audience overlap with each new ad. You are working to reach the highest number of people and that requires a new and different targeted audience per ad.

Lastly, Facebook has a small selection of advanced targeting tools that allow you to target your existing customers by uploading your contact list, you can develop a ‘lookalike audience’ from your Page fans, customer lists, or website visitors, or you can re-market to people on Facebook who have already visited your webpage.

All are very handy marketing tools.

I strongly suggest that you play around with your ads and target marketing by starting some campaigns with a low daily budget and then sinking some cash into the ads that are performing well. Replicate what works and ditch what hasn’t performed.

It’s all about trial and error so don’t be too hard on yourself if, at first, you don’t succeed, and please remember not to throw good money after bad.

So what are you waiting for??

You’ve now got all the tools and information that you need to get started on your very first Facebook marketing campaign!

What forms of marketing have been successful for your product or service?

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