What the Fuck is Granny Chic!??

John Webster interior with ecclectic retro furnishings including cat portraits and crochet pillows:

What the fuck is ‘Granny Chic’!!? Have I been living under a stone?! Why have never heard of this form of style, and yet, it completely represents my taste so well!

The picture above is not my living room, but I could easily laze the days away in this room with my cats, my knitting, and a good book.

I stumbled upon the term while searching for vintage sewing patterns on Etsy that I could adapt for some some projects that I have in mind for other projects relating to the blog. The term so perfectly represents the aesthetic that I’ve been looking for, I am amazed I didn’t come up with it myself.

I feel like I have been looking for the one descriptive term that could define my style and I would definitely say it falls within the realm of granny chic.. except THIS granny listens to Bikini Kill and has a copy of ‘Revolution From Within’ in her backpack. HAHA!!

I am giving you permission to fall in love with the loveliest floral house dress, which you will top with a denim vest, covered in patches from the Lenny Letter shop and enamel pins from Lady No Brow. You will carry your goodies in a sweet little purse with circular bamboo handles with a big “knit or die” emblem on the front. You will wear the coziest mustard yellow cable knit OTK socks with your 12 hole Fluvog boots, both accenting your pretty pea green cardigan and navy tea length skirt. Topping off your outfit is an out of this world necklace with over the top floral cabochons and baby doll parts, dangling every which way.

You have my permission!!

You can be that girl!!

After discovering this new term, ‘Granny Chic’, I began pouring over Pinterest, creating boards and pinning, pinning, pinning. I am overwrought with inspiration right now! I have ordered a number of patterns, new and old, that I feel I could adapt to assemble some key pieces for a foundation line.

I am so anxious to start creating fresh pieces for my wardrobe and other projects. Repurposing vintage pieces. Mix and matching the old with the new. The concepts  ‘Granny Chic’ is going to completely evolve and add to my present style, which I would call, if I had to give it a name, ‘Pretty Punk’ or ‘Granny Punk’??. It’s hard to call. The gal who makes up names for this kind of thing is out to lunch.

My usual attire consists of a colourful cardigan with a brooch or a pin, striped top or graphic tee, faded jeans or colourful pants, converse (usually black), bright beads, chunky bracelet, bright hair tied back (tame the frizz!) or bouffant (set the frizz free!!)

.I wouldn't look good in this color and I have my doubts about high waists for older women but...it MIGHT work. I love the pattern combo.:

My favourite outfit of all time.. back when I was skinny.. consisted of a floral patterned red blouse with a secretary collar, faded flare jeans with seam accents on the bottom that went up about knee high, and brushed suede hush puppies (steel toed).

I think that my past and present styles compliment each other and if you now take in these added influences that I have so recently uncovered it will equal a pretty and put together wardrobe that is both comfortable, flattering, and shows a little character.

We’ll see what happens once I’m at the helm of my sewing machine.

All that I know is that I feel invigorated with this new sense of innovation. My mind is running a thousand miles a minute. It will be difficult for me to pare down the projects that I want to do to a few star pieces to create and feature.

Once I have assembled my final wardrobe lineup, I am certain to have many items that I will be very proud to share and that I hope you all will love!

Perhaps over the next few weeks, after my patterns have arrived, I could pitch some fabric swatches to you folks and get your opinion before the creation process begins.

Until next time!


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