Home Tour with Corinna Perry

We have our inaugural She Zine home tour with Corinna Perry of ‘twolittledrakes‘ on Instagram.

Her lovely home in Victoria, Australia is full of turquoises and purples and flush with greenery.



Corinna chats with us about her home and takes us for a tour, room by room.

CP :: I’ve always had a passion for home interiors, I’ve been painting and decorating for about 20 years now. I brought and renovated my first house when I was 23, sold it when I was 29 then we brought this place 7 years later in 2016. 

I think a house can be a finished product but a home is a work in progress and there’s always new ideas and inspiration to make more improvements. 

I suppose I follow trends to a certain degree but I also like to put my own spin on them. I’m not really sure what my style is, I suppose I have eclectic/boho elements. I do feel my style is my own! I don’t go shopping looking for things in particular, I just buy what I love and somehow make it work. My paint colours aren’t always well thought out and I often have regrets and repaint the next day.

Most of my furniture is upcycled in a way I vision be best for the space it’s going. I’ve painted and repainted it a lot, I get sick of things after a while and need a change! 


I’m a girl on a budget and I would never pay $80 for a cushion. No matter howmuch I love it I just don’t see the value when I can make or buy cushions just as nice for $10?! I’ll probably be sick of them in a year anyway and buy new ones.





I also do a bit of DIY decor. I think if you’re a bit creative you can draw inspiration from things you love then replicate them as to be something no one else has. Especially nowadays where there is no originality and 
everything is mass produced.”





We thank Corinna for letting us into her home and for introducing us to her family.

Don’t you feel inspired?? I don’t think my walls have ever seemed so plain after seeing these gorgeous shots of Corinna’s flat.




There plenty of super cool apps that are available for IOS and Android where you can experiment with paint colours by pointing at your walls with your camera phone and then selecting different colours.

I use one from available through Home Hardware (Not an ad!! It’s just honestly super cool).

If you would like your home featured on the blog, you can contact Allison by clicking here. We would love to see your pad!!



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