What is a Girl Gang??

The Urban Dictionary describes a ‘Girl Gang’ as

“those fearless ladies who exude self-confidence and help build their fellow sistas up, not tear them down”

Girl Gangs have existed for as long as there has been girls. Whether you are referring to quilting bees or sewing circles, roller derby league or girl pin gang, women and girls have been meeting together to swap stories and celebrate each other’s achievements for eons.

More recently, the ‘Girl Gang’ movement has been taking the world and the web by storm as feminist members join together in their inclusive communities at every available venue, and provide a voice to those who may not otherwise be represented, to spread awareness about important issues.

The “Girl Gang” community uses the power of creativity, beauty, and art to spread its message of inclusiveness, start a conversation about non-judgmental support, and to ignite a revolution.

Girl Gang is a lifestyle!

The modern day “Girl Gang” was celebrated by Kate Nash, who is a multi-instrumentalal recording artist from London. Her Gang meets in her in her garage in Los Angeles, in her hometown of London or in a venue near you, depending on her whereabouts.


Kate and her Gang intend to “educate and inspire each other at meetings and to use their combined activism to change the world for the better”.

Girl Gang TV is a youtube channel, launched in December 2014, and is a global invitation to the public to glimpse into the world of “Girl Gang”. New episodes are posted every Thursday.

Here is a poster from Kate Nash’s website that perfectly illustrates what the “Girl Gang” is all about.


Start your own “Girl Gang” today and join the growing network of “Girl Gangs” from around the world. Some existing Gangs that you may want to start stalking include:

@girlgangyeah  @effyourbeautystandards  @leaninorg  @kindcampaign  @malalafund

“Welcome to your new life”


~Kate Nash

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