Dream Phone :: Reece Thompson

I had the great pleasure of connecting with Canadian actor, Reece Thompson, about his lifelong career in entertainment, the current state of the film industry in Vancouver, B.C., and his thoughts on the #MeToo movement.  Here are some of the highlights from our conversation: SZ :: I know that you have been a working actor for a long time. When did you first start acting? RT :: I started super early. I think I got my start at around the… Read More

Dream Phone :: Michael Small

Michael Small is a Toronto bassist who has been involved in music since his days with the high school band. He says he picked up the bass, basically, because he found the guitar to be too difficult to play and it was the least popular instrument among his pals, so he figured it would be pretty easy to find people to play with. One of the first gigs outside of high school turned out to be the band that he… Read More