Blood & Glass

I was very honoured to be asked to be a judge at the most recent Indie Week celebrations in Toronto, Ontario. Over the course of the festival, I judged three separate events throughout the city, ending at the Baby G on Dundas Street, where we judged 4 bands. One of which was Blood and Glass, fronted by Lisa Iwanycki-Moore, with Morgan Moore on bass, Robbie Kuster on drums, and Melanie Belair on violin. Add a Comment Share

Music :: Pony

On a cold November afternoon, back in 2017, I sludged through sleet and snow to meet up Sam Bielanski, who is front women to the  Toronto glitter rock band, Pony.  She is pretty much the cutest,  with a casual tee under a fitted black cotton spaghetti strap dress and leggings and sporadic minimalist tattoos of kittens and a crescent moon on her arm. We sit and say our hello’s to one another, immediately finding so much in common, from our… Read More