Pineapple Cure :: A Poem By Kelly Scanlan

Knife in hand, I start cutting into the prickly flesh of the pineapple that’s lived on my kitchen table for the better part of the week. Watching the blade uncover the speckled meat, my mind wanders to a scene over a decade ago, in a cold kitchen, knife against a similarly prickled specimen, under entirely different circumstances. We had gotten into a fight, again. It was in the parking lot of a Taco Bell in his aging pick-up truck after… Read More

Working Women :: Modern Girl Blitz

Meet Midge from Modern Girl Blitz shop and blog! Midge works out of her home studio is Hoboken, New Jersey, where she creates funky feminist art ranging from apparel and tote bags to jewelry and buttons. She started her nifty career in art and crafting as a Graphic Design major in art school, where she did her thesis on Riot Grrrl Zines. Her project gained so much popularity that she decided to open her Etsy store way back in 2008,… Read More

Music :: Pony

On a cold November afternoon, back in 2017, I sludged through sleet and snow to meet up Sam Bielanski, who is front women to the  Toronto glitter rock band, Pony.  She is pretty much the cutest,  with a casual tee under a fitted black cotton spaghetti strap dress and leggings and sporadic minimalist tattoos of kittens and a crescent moon on her arm. We sit and say our hello’s to one another, immediately finding so much in common, from our… Read More

Working Women :: Lady No Brow

Kaytee Trudeau somewhat of a pioneer to the entrepreneurial craft scene, having made her first sale of an upcycled garment at the age of 14 to an eccentric costume shop in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Fast forward many years and you will now see her work featured, online and in print, all over the world. I was very lucky to meet Kaytee at a very integral time of my life and my crafting career, as I was just launching a new handmade… Read More