The Beekeeper’s Quilt:: My day at Stitch

I have been chomping on the bit to get started on a Beekeeper’s Quilt that has been on my list of DIY goals for about a million years. I have attempted to get started a number of times, but I have never knit in the round before and couldn’t manage to figure it out following any of the various online tutorials. My Dad happens to be lifelong friends with Jocelyne, the owner of Stitch, formerly located at 3799 Main Street in Jordan… Read More

Top 5 Ways to Create Catchy Headlines for your Blog

I don’t think that there is anything, besides your content of course, that is more than your title. Without a catchy title, you would have no one reading your posts. Plain and simple. Listed here are my TOP 5 suggestions for how you can achieve that catchy blog title.  Always write your headline first. It helps maintain your focus while writing your post and provides an end goal to work toward. Outline the benefits. When selecting your blog title, you… Read More