This Is America :: The Art We’re Seeing In a Post-Trumpalyptic World

Donald Glover (A.K.A. Childish Gambino) This is America: The Art We’re Seeing in a Post-Trumpalyptic World On May 5 (ironically a day where many Americans appropriate the culture of many Mexicans to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo), the musician Childish Gambino released the music video for his new song titled “This is America”.  If you haven’t seen it yet – go watch immediately – then return back here for some cultural analysis. Another important piece of recommended watching with this article… Read More

Upcoming MA Ballot Questions Puts Massachusetts At The Pulse of USA Trans Rights

Sabrina Heisey, Candidate for State Representative for MA’s 36th District As the midterm elections in November loom, progressive candidates and policy are on many politically active American’s minds. These midterm elections have most likely been on the minds of the same Americans since before Trump was even elected. The upcoming elections in November are undoubtedly the one of the most important midterm elections, if not one of the most important elections in all of United States history. Recently proposed policy… Read More

Women Championing The #MeToo Movement

        If you turn on the TV, pick up a newspaper old school-style, open a social media app or load a news site lately, you’re most likely going to see something about the many sexual harassment, assault and violence allegations that are coming to light. They’ve heightened in the media since the Harvey Weinstein allegations surfaced, but the real movement was started by Gretchen Carlson over a year ago. Now, allegations have some up against Louis C.K., Roy Moore, Kevin… Read More


There were gasps, there were sobs… there were cheers and there were jeers. It doesn’t matter if you were from the U.S. coast or the bible belt or didn’t live in the U.S. at all –  you probably had a pointed reaction to the results of the 2016 election. The next day (9th November 2016) was a somber day for many. The night was different, however. Crowds bigger than the crowd for the inauguration gathered in many major U.S. cities… Read More