What is a Girl Gang??

The Urban Dictionary describes a ‘Girl Gang’ as “those fearless ladies who exude self-confidence and help build their fellow sistas up, not tear them down” Girl Gangs have existed for as long as there has been girls. Whether you are referring to quilting bees or sewing circles, roller derby league or girl pin gang, women and girls have been meeting together to swap stories and celebrate each other’s achievements for eons. More recently, the ‘Girl Gang’ movement has been taking… Read More

International Women’s Day :: Greatest Hits

I’ve been collecting female positive images and gifs off the internet for years and I thought that today, being International Women’s Day, would be a fantastic opportunity to showcase some of them for you.  When I was young.. like in elementary school.. in fact, even in high school.. International Women’s Day was not recognized something that we recognized. I didn’t even know that there was such a thing until I ventured out of the small Southern Ontario city I grew… Read More