The Freelance Fight For Equal Pay

The “gig economy” is taking over—and the wage gap is coming along for the ride. According to Fast Company, as of October 2017 the average annual revenue for women was $15,400, or 24 percent less than men. And women freelancers are faring even worse: they make 32 percent less than their male self-employed counterparts. Our understanding of the wage gap has, by and large, been structured to office environments and other forms of organized employment. We know that women make less… Read More

March For Our Lives

Six minutes and twenty seconds. “In a little over six minutes, 17 of our friends were taken from us, 15 were injured, and everyone, absolutely everyone, was forever altered,” said Emma Gonzalez, Parkland shooting survivor and activist at Never Again MSD. It’s been a month and a half since Emma was affected by a major school shooting, where 17 of her friends were killed. Since then, she’s become one of brave young faces of the movement for gun control. The… Read More

Pranking The Patriarchy

                      What is the best April Fools prank that you’ve ever played on anyone?? Chances are, it isn’t nearly as clever as the prank on the patriarchy gag hatched by Andrea Koval. She launched a mock venture capital firm, Maybe Capital, headed by a fake CEO and Harvard alum, Rick Powers, and then actually started taking meetings with male, Silicon Valley types to pitch absolutely ridiculous ideas.. similar to those… Read More

Basic Income Pilot Launched in Ontario, Canada

In the summer of 2017, 4000 low-income individuals living in Hamilton, Lindsay, and Thunder Bay where randomly selected to become part of the Basic Income Pilot, intended to test whether supplying a “basic income” was a better way to support people living in poverty vs the current system, which offers less than a living wage. Within the program, participants will receive $17,000CA, before taxes and deductions, no strings attached. Premier Kathleen Wynne announced the 3-year study in April 2017 during… Read More