Keeping Up With The U.S. Border Crisis & How You Can Help

Keeping up with the US Border Crisis, and How You can Help             There’s been a crisis at the United States’ Mexican border for a while, but only recently, it has been the focus of many a Twitter feed, podcast, blog, and even mainstream newspaper. Children who are immigrating to the US are being separated from their parents at the border. What exactly has been happening to these children? There are two bleak outcomes for these children, unfortunately: living with… Read More

Trump’s Gag Rule

TRUMP’S GAG RULE             When did it start? Did it start with “grab her by the pussy”? Did it start with Stormy Daniels? What about the several other sexual assault allegations that the current commander in chief of the United State has been met with? When did his intention to take away womxn’s rights begin?             It’s hard to tell. He had this intention even before he took office. It was evident on the campaign trail. We know for a… Read More

Upcoming MA Ballot Questions Puts Massachusetts At The Pulse of USA Trans Rights

Sabrina Heisey, Candidate for State Representative for MA’s 36th District As the midterm elections in November loom, progressive candidates and policy are on many politically active American’s minds. These midterm elections have most likely been on the minds of the same Americans since before Trump was even elected. The upcoming elections in November are undoubtedly the one of the most important midterm elections, if not one of the most important elections in all of United States history. Recently proposed policy… Read More


There were gasps, there were sobs… there were cheers and there were jeers. It doesn’t matter if you were from the U.S. coast or the bible belt or didn’t live in the U.S. at all –  you probably had a pointed reaction to the results of the 2016 election. The next day (9th November 2016) was a somber day for many. The night was different, however. Crowds bigger than the crowd for the inauguration gathered in many major U.S. cities… Read More