Basic Income Pilot Launched in Ontario, Canada

In the summer of 2017, 4000 low-income individuals living in Hamilton, Lindsay, and Thunder Bay where randomly selected to become part of the Basic Income Pilot, intended to test whether supplying a “basic income” was a better way to support people living in poverty vs the current system, which offers less than a living wage. Within the program, participants will receive $17,000CA, before taxes and deductions, no strings attached. Premier Kathleen Wynne announced the 3-year study in April 2017 during… Read More

How Many Times Can We Say “Never Again”?

On the seasonally warm, sunny afternoon of Thursday, February 15th 2018, the only ruckus that could be heard in the halls of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was murmuring in class that caused interruptions. The students had their normal plans for after school: band practice, sports practice or studying. They were planning on having a normal day for a high schooler… until they didn’t. It was 2PM. They were probably waiting for the clock to tick and set them free… Read More