How to Network Authentically

One thing that you will learn very quickly when trying to establish your blog is that you will have a very tough time of it if you attempt to go it alone. Networking with other influencers within your industry is a must if you want to attract readership to your space. But how do you go about connecting with these influencers? Most importantly, when networking you must come across as authentic or else no one is going to want to… Read More

How to Choose the Right Audience

I love marketing!! It is a very crucial part of my business and really any business that operates online or otherwise. As a business owner, you must make it your top priority to master marketing if you want your business to grow and be successful. Like many other homegrown business owners, I got my marketing education at good old Google University. I highly recommend this learning strategy to anyone who don’t see a formal post secondary diploma in their future.… Read More


Squarespace is known for it’s gorgeous templates and incredible customer support, with a guaranteed one hour email turnaround, 24/7. Wowzer! But is it really worth the price? Just head over to their homepage and you will be greeted with their amazing visuals and ease of a navigation. Their styling options allow you to customize your site in a very detailed way, which can be overwhelming to the average person, but with a little work, these features are second to none. Add… Read More


Let me start by saying that I absolutely love blogging. I have had several over the years, going back to the dawn of the internet. Some were personal, others were in conjunction to businesses that I have run over the years. In all cases, the blogs that I have kept have always been labours of love and huge sources of enjoyment for me. Add a Comment Share