Editor’s Letter :: May 2018

I recently decided to be a little more open about my bipolar 1 diagnosis on the blog, because honestly, it honestly weighs heavily on my ability to keep good content coming 3x/week.

I think that I’ve managed to do okay, but it has everything to do with my faithful contributor, Nikki Vergakes, who assists with news and culture items and our new sex contributor, Clarke Rose, who lends us content from her Sex and Roses blog.

Not to mention the wonderful ladies that participate in fabulous interviews  and other news pieces. I presently have quite a few interested pieces coming down the pipeline that I am very pleased with and I think that you will be pleased with the content as well.

Our readership is slowly increasing month over month and we are gradually getting more shares and RT on twitter, which obviously means good things for the blog. Every share counts, so if you see something that is of interest of you, make sure to pass it around.

We are still in the very early stages of the blog, having just launched in March and could use all the help that we could get.

We love the community that we have been building around She Zine and the #NewGirlArmy, but we would really love to start hearing more action in the comments. That’s what community is all about , after all. Conversation.

Interaction on Instagram has been pretty decent, but I would to see it on the She Zine Page, if any of you feel so moved.

As always, we are still actively looking for more She Zine contributors, specifically in our news section that could write about the goings on in both Canadian and American politics. If you can get some good articles under your belt, there is always an overflow of all pieces that we can pass of to you once you have proven your metal in the news category. We’ve established it as kind of a testing ground, as it is easily the most demanding.

I look forward to what the summer brings for She Zine. We have some live events coming up, once of recently had to be cancelled recently due to a number of unforeseen circumstances, but we’ve got more on the way and they are set out to be even better.

I’d just like to bulk up our email lists on She Zine and our partner site the BBLGM CLUB , and tickety blog and then we can see what sort of fun stuff we can get going on.

I still have plans for a DIY ZINE MAKING NIGHT and a CRAFTIVIST NIGHT that I  help will continue on to be monthly events. I know that our community needs to have fun activities like this to keep people busy and their artistic juices flowing.

Thank you so much for continuing with us as we meander down this journey.. making mistakes along the way.. if you ever have any questions or comments, feel free to voice them respectively in the comments section or email me here.