Episode 4:: WE JUST REALLY LOVE CARDI B AND SZA:: Celebrities on Social Media

This was the first episode that we recorded. Nikki and Carly talk bout the celebrities that they follow on social media and how they use their platform. What celebrities are doing it right – and what celebrities aren’t? We go off onto a (deserved) tangent about how much we just LOVE Cardi B and Sza. This was our first time recording, so there’s probably about 45 minutes of rambling cut out – but we are so happy to be learning along… Read More

Episode 3 :: Weird Facebook with Ky Talbot

Carly, and Nikki talk with their friend Ky who has some fascinating media consumption habits. You’ll definitely learn about something new to watch or listen to this episode. Ky doesn’t follow the mainstream. They tell us  about new musical artists you’ve probably never heard of – they don’t even use Spotify! We also got into a discussion about the former comedy streaming service “Seeso”. They three of us also get into the subculture called Weird Facebook. Have you ever heard of the… Read More

Home Tour with Corinna Perry

We have our inaugural She Zine home tour with Corinna Perry of ‘twolittledrakes‘ on Instagram. Her lovely home in Victoria, Australia is full of turquoises and purples and flush with greenery.     Corinna chats with us about her home and takes us for a tour, room by room. CP :: I’ve always had a passion for home interiors, I’ve been painting and decorating for about 20 years now. I brought and renovated my first house when I was 23,… Read More

Fat Shaming?

I just fielded a very troubling comment on the She Zine Instagram account that accused me of fat shaming in recent picture posts and I am assuming due to my last fitness post about beginning my personal fitness journey. I suppose that I am especially sensitive to this because my very first exposure to feminism was activism and protest concerning body image at the age of 16. Since that time, I have created various zines where body positivity was the… Read More