Author Profile :: Betsy Greer

Betsy Greer is a longtime idol of mine and widely considered to be one of the founders of the modern craftivist movement. It was my absolute pleasure to speak with her recently about craftivism, feminism, and the state of craft. Here is a little bit from that conversation: SZ :: Who founded the “craftivist movement”? Who coined the term “craftivism”? BG :: Me. And not me. I started thinking about the connections between craft and activism in 2002 as part of… Read More

Creating Your Creative Business Plan

Many people think that having a creative business to do with blogging or crafting means flying by the seat of your pants, but I would argue you can’t achieve success without some kind of plan in place. In the very least, how would you be able to know that you have started to achieve your goals if you haven’t mapped them out for yourself first? And how would you even know that you are on track to meet your goals… Read More

A Complete Guide To Blogger

Blogger is another free blogging platform that comes with many advantages. It is widely known as one of the easiest blogging platforms to use so it is very appropriate for new bloggers. However, there is less functionality and customization options with Blogger over other platforms, like WordPress, so you will have to weigh those factors against cost when making your decision.  Your blogger site will come free with your own dot address or you can buy your own custom… Read More

Home Tour :: Corinna Perry

Corinna with her two young sons I’ve always had a passion for home interiors, I’ve been painting and decorating for about 20 years now. I brought and renovated my first house when I was 23, sold it when I was 29 then we brought this place 7 years later in 2016.  A view of the living room I think a house can be a finished product but a home is a work in progress and there’s always new ideas and… Read More