Dream Phone :: Reece Thompson

We recently spoke with Canadian actor, Reece Thompson, about his early years as a child star, his subsequent career in acting, and the status of women in the entertainment industry. Here’s a little of our chat together.. when did you first start acting? age 10 SZ :: I understand that your family got you involved into entertainment industry via their existing involvement. What can you tell me about their role in your break into entertainment? RT :: I was already… Read More


I have been a fan of all things blog for over a decade and have even started one or two myself. I love the freedom that we have to express ourselves and I adore the ability that anyone and everyone has to share those expressions with the blogosphere. I have been a journal writer since I was 14 years old, but I find blogging to be quite different, as it is more formatted and it encourages you to hone your… Read More


Hana is the maker mastermind behind Quiet Clementine, based out of Arkansas, USA. She creates absolutely vibrant ceramic decor and jewelry pieces, each 100% by hand. Formerly, Hana ran businesses making various items out of polymer clay, but she never felt that those endeavours were taking her where she wanted to go. Her father, a potter, then encouraged her to try her hand at ceramics, but at first Hana thought that she didn’t have the skill or space to dedicate… Read More

Be Gentle To With Yourself

I’ve been thinking a lot about self care lately and how I could treat myself a little better, so I thought that it would be a good opportunity to share some of the ways that I am trying to be more gentle/kind to myself. let’s hear it for Spring renewal!! Some physical forms of self care that I have committed to have been difficult to follow up with. For instance, I had blogged recently that I was going to be… Read More