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I would like to introduce you to Katie Shelton!! She is just about the cutest host to one of the cutest corners on the web!! The SkunkBoy Blog!!

Katie is a wife, mother, artist, musician (The Mixtapes), and obviously an avid blogger.

The SkunkBoy Blog is filled with craftiness, thrift, colour, and whimsy.

I just love pouring over Katie’s fun posts about her beautiful home, “weekly wears” outfit features, the garden, Snapshots, “SkunkBoy Creatures” featuring some of Katie’s cute and cuddly creations, “Home School” which follows her experiences with her own kids, “Camera Challenge” which follows Katie and her camera on different adventures, Sewing, and her band The Mixtapes. So many topics to browse through!!

I assure you, each is full of lovely photos and interesting dialogue.

Katie is also a regular contributor to A Beautiful Mess, which is another one of my absolute favourite blogs. Her contributions usually include sewing projects like this adorable ‘Match Book Doll’, which can be found on ABM here and see it pictured below.

skunkboy match book doll

You can take a look at more of Katie’s creations, and even take one home with you, from her web store here. You may even request custom orders, during certain periods of the year.

I would say that my favourite features on the SkunkBoy Blog would be a toss up between her sewing page and her outfit features.

Since I sew myself, I am really drawn to and inspired by Katie’s various projects on-the-go. From updating vintage pieces to outfits from scratch, doll making, and more!! She always seems to be working on something ultra creative and I love it!!

The Outfit features are very colourful, creative, and inspirational, making me want to borrow some of that creativity and apply it to my own wardrobe. Thank goodness it’s Autumn!! My favourite season!! I am sure that there are many great outfits to come out of Katie’s closest! I hope that she shares them all with us!

So if you find yourself looking for something to brighten your day, inspire your mind, or maybe you just want to pass the time, I would highly recommend you take some time to click over to the SkunkBoy Blog.

It’s real good reading over a warm cup of tea, with some sweet tunes playing on your iPod, and a little kitty on your lap.

Here is a little bit of my conversation with Katie:

SZ :: Your blog archives go back to 2008. Did you get your blogging start on Skunk Boy? Would you consider yourself a full time blogger these days?

KS :: I initially started blogging back in 2008 to help grow my handmade business, Skunkboy Creatures, and give a bit of a behind-the-scenes look at projects I was working on. It was a way for me to connect with other creatives at the time and build relationships.

SZ :: How has Skunk Boy evolved over the years? How would you define yourself and your life now, compared to when you started the blog?

KS :: Skunkboy blog has definitely evolved over the years. What started out as a blog devoted completely to things I was stitching up at the time, turned into more of a lifestyle/crafty space where I could share more than just sneak peeks of things going into my shop. My family, fashion, and DIYs definitely have a bigger presence these days.

SZ :: You are obviously an very avid crafter. When did you get your start in crafting? What would you most like to spend your hours crafting?

KS :: I remember being a young twenty-something and floundering to find my general niche (what I liked to do, what I was good at, etc). A friend and I decided to learn to knit, and that opened the door to hand sewing, which basically opened the door to creative freedom. I think gaining the confidence to try new things and not let a fear of failure hold me back was the key. These days my most beloved projects are clothes that I stitch up myself or special pieces of home decor. 

SZ :: What is the coolest thing that you’ve ever sewn or crafted? Was it for yourself or for your shop?

KS :: There really are so many projects that are near and dear to my heart, that choosing favorites is hard! One of my favorite things I’ve ever dreamt up and crafted was a plantable felt garden for kids. It took me a pretty long time to execute, but in the end it was something I ended up being very proud of. That project was for the blog A Beautiful Mess.

SZ :: One of my favourite sections on your blog is the ‘Snapshots’ section. What camera are you currently using to grab all of your images?

KS :: I love capturing random bits and pieces of life! I’m currently shooting with a Canon 7D Mark II and a 35mm lens. 

SZ :: You often blog about your outfits ..and they are always to die for.. where is your favourite spot on the internet to find clothing?

KS :: I love scouring ebay and an app on my phone called Whurl for vintage beauties. Finding a timeless piece that fits always feels like finding a treasure! 

SZ :: Finally, you always are posting the most wonderful tutorials over at a beautiful mess. Do you have a favourite so far? Can you give us any hints of tutorials coming down the pipe?

KS :: Most of my favorite projects for A Beautiful Mess have either been home decor or sewing related. A couple of years ago I did an e-course through them, teaching the basics of sewing your own clothing, and several of those tutorials have since come through the blog. I love encouraging people to find their own special sense of style, so those two categories always make me extra excited.

SZ :: How did you come upon the name skunk boy for the blog??

KS :: I get this question a lot. Back when I had my own Etsy shop, I really wanted a shop name that was different so I would stand out. With the help of a friend and a little inside joke, we coined my shop “Skunkboy Creatures”. It was a shop full of quirky little animals, so it fit perfectly. As social media evolved, people continued to know me as “Skunkboy” so I just kept it around. Even if I rebranded, I know my friends would still call me this.


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