Women Championing The #MeToo Movement

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        If you turn on the TV, pick up a newspaper old school-style, open a social media app or load a news site lately, you’re most likely going to see something about the many sexual harassment, assault and violence allegations that are coming to light. They’ve heightened in the media since the Harvey Weinstein allegations surfaced, but the real movement was started by Gretchen Carlson over a year ago. Now, allegations have some up against Louis C.K., Roy Moore, Kevin Spacey, Aziz Ansari and more.

            The brave statements coming forth by many women are not met without opposition, of course. After babe.net published the Aziz Ansari story, my feed was flooded with “hot takes” questions if the #MeToo movement had gone too far. These stories said that Grace’s story was not valid – saying that she didn’t speak up enough and they questioned why she didn’t “just leave”. It’s always that easy, right? I don’t have to reiterate here that if you read the story, you’d see that he was making unwarranted moves towards her, and her discomfort was made known. Needless to say, I was disgusted with these “hot takes”, but I also deeply wished that the individuals writing these comments could be educated.

      Social media can be seen as an unhealthy place for heated discourse, but thanks to some women and womxn alike who are filling the once-toxic space with education, it’s recently it’s been a safe space for many women to have their voice be heard. It’s easier to ignore a mansplainer when they’re a Twitter egg in the reply section.

     Because of the loads of individuals taking advantage of this platform, it can be hard to cut through the trolls and listen to the thought leaders in this movement. Below, I’ve listed the top accounts I’ve seen championing this movement on and off of the internet, as well as some tips for cutting through the chatter

1. Amber Rollo

Amber Rollo is a stand-up comedian, podcast host and video producer whose art focuses on bringing awareness to two of her identities, being  a bisexual woman and an orphan. She is the Co-Host of Daddy-less Issues: The Orphan Podcast, with Chanel Ali, where they talk to comedians and artists who have lost one or more parents about how they succeed in life despite that. She is also the Head of Digital Production for The Box, the intersectional feminist comedy show. The Box has a parody video that touches on a big factor in why the #MeToo movement is undermined at times – womxn not coming forward about their rapes.

2. Rose McGowan

The ex-Charmed star recently came out about her sexual assault on her Twitter, and was blocked form the platform for a while. She also has written a memoir/manifesto titled Brave.

3. Mara Wilson

You may know her from the movie Matilda, but she’s transformed into a feminist and bisexual activist. Her following on Twitter relies on her for feminist analysis of current events. She also recently published a book.


4. Amy Siskind

She talks Trump. She talks Weinstein. Every day since the election she’s been keeping track of all the madness occurring with her weekly lists on Twitter. When she’s not building that, she’s keeping people accountable Twitter. Why? According to her, in times of totalitarianism, you must keep track of what’s happening.

Now that I’ve identified some influencers to follow, here’s some tips on how I navigate the simultaneously toxic and uplifting media environment of the movement.

Twitter Lists

How do you keep track and cut through the clutter? Twitter’s lists tool is a great way to still follow many people but also monitor certain conversations. You can build lists by selecting only certain accounts, and the feature makes a “timeline” of just what these accounts are saying. The accounts of the folks listed above are a great start…

Social listening tools

Tools like Hootsuite can let you build “streams” based on users, keywords and more. You can have up to three social media accounts connected to it. There’s many more tools out there that do this, too. I’m not sponsored, I just LOVE Hootsuite and am certified in it.

I know that these aren’t the only activist championing this movement, please comment or tweet us with your suggestions. What tips do you have to stay on track with the news?


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Nikki Vergakes is a 22-year-old writer, podcaster and PR Specialist. She enjoys writing and making content for digital media. She also dedicates her time to political activism. She'll take any chance she gets to combine the two. In her free time, she takes a break from the computer with... the computer. She enjoys deep-diving into memes, YouTube videos, Netflix originals and vine compilations (no wonder her glasses prescription is so high!) She does run half marathons and hikes occasionally, however, so she does get outside. E-mail her with tips, story ideas, ways to collaborate on digital content and any YouTube drama!

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