Upcoming MA Ballot Questions Puts Massachusetts At The Pulse of USA Trans Rights

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As the midterm elections in November loom, progressive candidates and policy are on many politically active American’s minds. These midterm elections have most likely been on the minds of the same Americans since before Trump was even elected. The upcoming elections in November are undoubtedly the one of the most important midterm elections, if not one of the most important elections in all of United States history. Recently proposed policy regarding trans individuals in Massachusetts is another reason amongst many that electing progressive candidates who will support progressive legislature is imperative this fall.

Thankfully for the sake of this legislature, there’s many diverse candidates running this fall. More women are running for office this term than ever. One of these women is Sabrina Heisey, candidate for State Representative for MA’s 36th district – Dracut and Tynsgboro, MA. She’s running against an incumbent democrat. This Democrat, however, has a history of transphobic legislature and voting history on Beacon Hill.

According to the Boston Globe, Massachusetts is about to turn into “ground zero in the latest round of the nation’s culture wars.” This culture war being trans rights. Massachusetts voters can expect a ballot question that asks whether to keep or repeal the state’s 2016 antidiscrimination law is expected to be the first statewide referendum on transgender rights.

The ads are already starting to run, attempting to persuade public opinion before November 8. An ad created from the camp that is for the repealing of the bill shows a middle-age man in the same bathroom as a little girl. The man is applying lip gloss, and the little girl is confused and visibly upset.

Massachusetts is seen as “bluer than blue”, so how the state votes will be seen as a pulse for how the rest of the country will vote as well. One school of thought is that equal rights if repealed in MA, then they can be repealed anywhere. The other school of thought is the exact opposite – they think that it will send a message to the country that discrimination has gone too far.

Heisey’s opponent has a history of more than one “inhumane” bills, according to DigBoston. She filed legislation that bans trans individuals from accessing activities, facilities, or services based on their gender identity instead of their anatomical sex. After a notable Black Lives Matter protest in 2015, she proposed legislation that would make the punishment for blocking a highway attempted murder.

About the upcoming ballot question, Heisey says, “We are going to stand up for the human rights of all residents of the 36th Middlesex district both at the State House and at the ballot box in November. Our constitution ensures the right to freedom and happiness for everyone so we will be standing up for the trans community and saying no to discrimination.”

Here’s hoping that Heisey will be among many newly elected progressive and diverse candiates starting their term come Janaury 2019.





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