5 Ways To Supercharge Your Business

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It’s been a long while since the blog has been active. I needed to take a step back from some of my projects to relax and reflect upon what I was doing and how I was going about doing it.

When I first started this blog, I had wanted to address all things feminism with my little blog, but soon realized that the overwhelming pressure of reporting the news gave me a really sick feeling in my stomach. Things are very different these days. Unbelievable things are happening. And it’s was all making feel pretty gross to talk about. 

Thankfully, I work with an excellent contributor, Nikki Vergakes, who has the necessary fortitude to take on the challenge of modern politics and other issues presently affecting womxn around the in North America and around the world.

Taking the time to realize how the site had been affecting my soul and making arrangements to focus on my passions rather than Donald Trump has been very positive for me. I am now feeling lighter and ready to hunker down and get to work. 

During the time off, we reorganized our menus, adding and taking away various categories to support the new areas of content that we will be publishing over the coming days and weeks.

As I mentioned, Nikki will continue to be our hard hitting news women, and we will continue to profile female/trans/non-binary contributions to art, music, literature, fashion, film/tv, and etc. We will also be continuing our wellness section, covering issues on mental health, sex, and fitness, however, we have now also added a relationship category under the wellness heading. We have also added a new style section and craft & DIY section where you can find items on emerging trends and our new feature, #craftencyclopedia which I am super duper pumped about, where we delve deep into vintage craft books and modernize old projects so that they can be used today. Finally, there is our advice section with the subheadings blogging and indie business. Two areas that where we have a great deal of experience in and have many valuable tidbits that we will be dishing out on the reg.  

So how are you feeling with your projects? Are any of you doing your year-end reviews? Have you reached all of the goals that you set out for yourself at the beginning on 2018? What have goals have you let go of?

Here are 5 ways to supercharge your business if you feel like you have fallen short of your goals this year:

  1. Refocus. It was a big decision for me to take the site down and take a break from building our audience, but I knew that something didn’t feel quite right and if this blog was going to have any longevity I would need to stop. Refocus. And refresh. 
  2. Change your environment. Sometimes, getting excited about a project again is as simple as changing your environment. Try working for an afternoon at your local cafe. Or go for a walk to do some brainstorming. Just get away from your work station for a little bit and get a fresh perspective. 
  3. Ask for advice. It can be extremely helpful to get someone else’s take on a project that you might be finding kind of stale. New people bring in new ideas. You never know until you ask. 
  4. Take a break. I used to think that I was a hard worker because I would work on a project for like 15 hours straight. Fact of the matter is, working those kinds of hours without taking a break every now and again isn’t healthy and it isn’t productive in the long run. You will complete a higher quality of work if you give yourself opportunities to rest and recharge for 10 – 20 mins every couple of hours during your work day.
  5. Create a mood board. I always have a mood board that I revisit, add to and take away from. It keeps me focused, inspires me, and gives me something to aspire to. Sometimes, when I am feeling really stuck, I will just fade out, gazing at my mood board, until the creative juices start flowing again. 

I am sure that things will continue to change and evolve with us as we grow up as a blog, and I am so pleased that you are all here for the ride.

If you have someone that you think should be featured here on the blog, please contact me and I guarantee that I will follow-up. 


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Allisonxo is a she/her identifying feminist from Toronto, Canada who is a lifelong crafter and lover of vegan food and thrifting.

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