My Fitness Journey:: Vol. 2

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It’s been a couple weeks since I last posted in the fitness category with the first volume of post pertaining to my personal fitness journey. If you can recall, in my original post I discussed how I was going on a smoothie diet, taking my dogs for extended walks everyday, and starting a Pilates regimen.

My intentions were good, but my progress thus far has not been. 

I’ve run into a few problems over the past few weeks. First let’s start with the Pilates.  I do a full body 20 minute workout that I found on YouTube. I don’t necessarily do the same one everyday. There are plenty of quality video workouts to choose from. To think, I almost subscribed to a paid app!

Anyway, after day two of my 20 minute Pilates full body workout I noticed that I was developing a deep pain within my hip joints while I was taking my dogs on their extended walk.  When I woke up on day 3, I could barely walk. As it turned out, I had been overdoing it and ended up having to take a week off Pilates and walking to recover.

All the while, I continued with my smoothie diet. Then, when I stepped on the scale for my one week weigh in, it seemed that I had gained nearly 10lbs! Needless to say, I was more than a little frustrated. I hadn’t been restricting my food. If I was hungry, I had a smoothie. Usually no more than three in a day and more often only two per day. I examined what I was consuming and determined that the plant based protein powder that I had been using to augment my smoothies was a little more calorie dense than I had realized, so I reduced the amount of powder used per drink I made. This was effective.

After a week, I began walking my dogs again. The weather hasn’t been great over the past month in Toronto, but my dogs and I persisted in rain, sleet, or shine, and I was so proud of myself. Then, three days ago, I was bringing a load of laundry up from the laundry mat on the ground floor of my building and I took a fall from the step leading up to the laundry mat. I was instantly in tears, outside, alone, in the middle of the day. It was so embarrassing. I pulled myself up off the ground and collected my laundry and then sat on the step for a while, trying to assess whether or not I had broken anything.

Eventually, I was finally able to pull my shit together long enough to hobble up the stairs with three weeks of laundry, down the long hallway, and home to safety. That evening I went to the hospital to get x-rays. There wasn’t any swelling or discolouration so I was fairly certain that I’d be fine, but I was in extreme pain in both my ankles, plus I have three pins in my left ankle, so I was concerned that I may have dislodged them.

A couple hours later and I am being sent home in bandages. Nothing broken. The next day, I wake up and find that I am completely unable to walk. My left ankle, with the pins, is completely bruised and now pain is starting to travel up my legs, passed my knees, and into my thighs. The day after that and suddenly I can’t move my head. I must have damaged that in the fall as well.

Anyhoo, needless to say, I haven’t been exactly active for the better part of the last two weeks. I feel like God herself has descended from heaven to prevent me from getting into shape.

On the plus side, I am now weighing in at 176.2 lbs. After a week of consuming too much protein powder I had gone up to around 180 and so I was pleased to be heading back in the right direction after adjusting my measurements.

I will continue to follow up every couple of weeks, once I am back up and moving around again. I would still like to do Pilates because I sincerely enjoyed the workouts, but I am either going to have to start with something a little bit more beginner or try to cut my exercises in half.

The walks are great and I don’t believe are causing me any harm, so I am very anxious to start get out and about my neighbourhood again. If anything, I may walk more until I improve my overall condition enough to try the Pilates again.

How has everyone else been doing on with their fitness goals? What has been working for you? What hasn’t? Please share in the comments below!



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