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For our inaugural Style Qween piece, I was so happy to connect with Billy AKA @Dumpster.Barbie who I’ve been following on Instagram for a long time. Her style is vintage and pink, with lots of satin and frills.

We had the opportunity to talk about her style and some of her inspirations. 

SZ :: Where did the name ‘Dumpster Barbie’ come from?

DB :: I have a tendency to change handles fairly often. “Dumpster.Barbie” represent both an aesthetic but also a class thing. I’m from a low income background; the dumpster part kinda represents what my surroundings are like, how I grew up and how I live now. Poor people are very stylish but don’t often get recognize as such. In no way will I glamorize poverty, especially not as an aesthetic, but I thought it was a funny name for me since everybody I know knows I like to pick up garbage. I get called Barbie by strangers often because I wear a lot of pink and I’m blonde. I also collect a lot of toys from the 80s so the handle seemed very fitting.

SZ :: Who is your style icon?

DB :: Barbie, Jem, The moondreamers, the whole Cherry Merry Muffin dolls crew. But more seriously my Aunt Diane, who passed away a few years ago. She had a very eccentric style & wore a lot of prints. She was poor and had severe mental illnesses, but always managed to be dressed up like royalty. Fur coats, long red nails, bleached hair, lace, leopard print. She stood out so much in the small city we are from. She inspired me to be unapologetic about what I like to wear, to be true to my tastes & that you didn’t need to follow fashion, or spend a lot to be stylish.

SZ :: Are there any other things that influence your style?

DB :: My income and my mood, as well as the weather – Montreal temperature fluctuates between very cold and super hot through the year. Looking cute during winter is very challenging. I don’t follow anything and I’m superstitious. I wear bright clothes because it brings me luck. I don’t know, I just wear clothes that makes me happy. If I don’t feel it, I give it away.

SZ :: Where is your favourite place to shop for clothes/accessories?

DB :: Thrift stores! I also do lots of trades for clothes, and receive gifts from friends often. People love to give me clothes they wouldn’t wear themselves. I barely ever buy anything new. I also use to make lots of my own accessories, but I have less time and patience for it.

SZ :: Describe your favourite outfit.

DB :: I never wear the same outfits so that’s hard. I guess a pair of sneakers – white or pastels, frilly socks, a pastel nightgown, some other layer on top. Lots of accessories, cool earrings, long pink nails, bows in hair.

SZ :: What is the best clothing/accessory purchase you ever made? How much did you spend?

DB :: A few years ago I thrifted a vintage My Little Pony gym bag in fairly mint condition. I think I paid 2$ for it. It’s pastel mint with pink trims.

SZ :: What do you do for a living? Are you allowed to wear what you want at work?

DB :: I don’t work right now. I am on disability. I do art and writing. I’m a former florist and a baker. Since I have no boss I don’t have restrictions.

SZ :: Who would be your dream shopping companion?

DB :: No one. I don’t really like having people’s advice when I shop. I cringe in shops where sellers follow you and interact a lot with you. Ideally, I just listen to music in my headphones.

SZ :: What are some words you would use to best describe your style?

DB :: Pastel, playful, timeless? I don’t know, you tell me!

Well, I think that Billy’s fashion sense is straight out of a story book. I just want to take her out for cupcakes and then go to the park to play on the swings. 

If you know of a ‘Style Qween’ who you think we should feature on the site, please let us know!! 


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