My favourite journaling supplies

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I write in my journal each and every day and, truly, I don’t know what I would do without it.

I have been keeping a journal since I was about 13 or 14, so that’s about 25 years and a whole lot of books!

I find it to be a fantastic way to relieve stress and work through my problems by getting it all out of my head and down onto paper. It’s also a great way to commemorate special life events, whether they be joyous or tragic, each is mapped out and remembered forever.

Looking onto the blank page, just waiting to be filled, is so exhilarating!

I image that most bloggers keep a journal, because what is a blog, if not a journal for all to see? I believe that the fact that I journal helps me with my blogging. I can talk myself out of any degree of writer’s block on the blog with just a page or two of journal writing about something monotonous, just to get the juices flowing again.

So, what does a seasoned journal writer like me use to get things done?

I suppose it all depends, but one thing is for sure, I like to keep my journals consistent, so if I start with a pencil, I stay with a pencil. If it’s a pen, then it’s a pen for keeps!

For starters, you have to pick yourself out a good book. I like to work with something that has a little heft. Perhaps it is because I write so frequently, but I don’t like wimpy books that only last a week or so.

For this purpose, I would love to recommend Etsy as a great place to find a plethora of handmade/hand bound books that are full of character, well made, and completely unique.

A great example of a quality hand bound book can be found here at Lonetta Avelar Designs. I love books like these, with a heavier paper stock, so you can use inks, paints, or whatever else.

To be honest, I haven’t used a hand bound book in a while now. I graduated to a Moleskine journal some years ago and I have more or less remained loyal.

I have used various styles and sizes, but ultimately, I prefer the plain ruled paper, large (13″ x 21″,  5.1 x 8.3 cm), hardcover notebook.

Other styles I have tried include the super small watercolour notebook, which is great if you want to add paint or mixed media to your writings, and the pocket sized and extra large soft cover, ruled notebooks. I would use the watercolour notebook again (I’m not sure if that’s what it’s called.. I can’t find it on their site), as I really enjoyed how time intensive my journaling became. I enjoyed putting extra time and love into each entry.

The soft books where okay. Maybe the extra large more so than the pocket notebook. But I prefer the hardcover books. They open flatter and you can use them more easily while you are on the go.

I haven’t tried it, so I can’t recommend it, but the other day I saw a Pantone journal that I thought was just the coolest. It isn’t ruled, but there are images on the inside that should still allow you to write in straight lines. The one that I have linked to is their paint chips journal. The one I saw in store was a shade of pink. So cute!

Finally, let’s move on to the final tool in your journal writing toolbox.. your pens and pencils!

Now, you may think that this is a no-brainer, but if you are as avid a writer as I am a run-of-the-mill roller ball pen will simply not do.

I will use both pens and pencils, but as I mentioned earlier, if a journal is started in pen, then it is finished in pen.

When using pencils, I only go with mechanical pencils. I can’t stand the thought of having to sharpen a pencil every ten minutes. Blarg!

I use the Uni Ball Vision, Black, 0.7mm. They are cheap and functional. They don’t run and won’t bleed through your paper. 

And that pretty well sums up my favourite journaling supplies. It is a list of favourites that I have assembled after many years of trial and error with many different products. I hope that you find my selection of journaling goods helpful in your own endeavours.

What are some of your favourite journal writing products. Share links in the comments below!


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