When You Can’t Make It Home For Christmas

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Christmas has to be my favourite time of year. I don’t know if it’s because I so love winter, or if it’s because my birthday is 6 days before Christmas, or if it’s because of how much I truly enjoy gift giving. There’s no other time of year that brings people together quite like the Yule tide season. 

Over the course of my life, I have lived far away from family for more than a few Christmases and so I know how hard it can be this time of year, when you are alone and you have no one to perform your yearly traditions with. 

Or perhaps you just don’t have a great relationship with your family? That is still no reason to be alone over the holidays. 

I have found a few things to be helpful and so I thought I would share some options here of ways to celebrate a solo Christmas for all those who may be facing the prospect of the holidays alone. 

  1. Try to find a pub or bar that is opened on Christmas. I have been sober for nearly 6 yrs now, but I still seek out the companionship of the close knit late night scene during the holidays. You may find that a lot of bars and pubs offer Christmas meals for people who may not have had a family dinner. For my partner and I, we like to go to a local bar that is run by a Winnipeg ex-patriot and is decorated with memorabilia from our hometown. Lots of other Winnipeggers go to this pub for the holidays and it turns into a sort of reunion for the group of us. 
  2. Have a Christmas just for friends. It doesn’t have to fall exactly on the 25th. Why don’t you try to set something up on Christmas Eve or on Boxing Day with your friends. Try to start your own tradition with your friends. Serve something totally unique and give your friends a break from turkey and ham. Get a Christmas pizza and watch Netflix or play board games or a game of cards. 
  3. Enjoy Christmas local Christmas concerts. Try to discover what exciting things are going on in your community for the Christmas season. Chances are that there is great programming going on somewhere in your city. 
  4. Create your own solo traditions. Why don’t you buy yourself a special gift for Christmas or treat yourself to a nice meal in a fancy restaurant. Really invest in yourself for one special day. 
  5. Write Christmas letters to friends and family. Brew yourself some nice hot chocolate, get out your festive holiday stationary and take care of your correspondence.
  6. Volunteer somewhere special. There is such a need for volunteers during the holiday season. If you really want to do something special that will life your spirits, give your time to a greater purpose and you will feel magnificent far beyond the Christmas season. 

These are just a few tips that have helped me through the holiday season over the years. I hope that you find some of them helpful if you are a party of one this year. 

What are some of your solo holiday survival tips?


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Allisonxo is a she/her identifying feminist from Toronto, Canada who is a lifelong crafter and lover of vegan food and thrifting.

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