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We’ve all been there.. staring at the computer screen or an empty canvas.. waiting for those creative juices to start flowing. It can be absolute torture!! So, what do you do when you’ve hit the wall?? How do you break free from the clutches of the dreaded brain freeze??

You can ask around. There are lots of people with loads of opinions of how you can finally get back to the grindstone. It can be hard to know who’s got the real deal tactical advice and who is just blowing smoke.

Personally, I’ve tried plenty of creative solutions to conquer writer’s block. I’ve even tried a few of apps, such as Sticky and Unstuck.

Unstuck, in particular, is especially good. It teaches you that getting unstuck is all about making a pivotal change in your life and that any act of change starts by addressing your behaviour. Specifically, seeing, believing, acting, and thinking.

You must see the world as full of possibilities.

You must believe you can change the way that things are now.

Act to turn your ideas into reality.

And finally, think about the ways you can make a meaningful transformation possible and create a plan.

It’s really a very handy tool.

More recently, I found an app called Coggle that I have found handy when mapping out my blog posts and my editorial calendar for the year.

Basically, Coggle is a simple way to share and assemble complex information.

You can produce beautifully structured notes and easily enhance them with friends or co-workers.

It is absolutely fabulous for brainstorming, especially in groups, since it is so visual.

You can sign up for free and create unlimited diagrams, with unlimited image uploads, and Google Drive integration, or you can choose their ‘Awesome’ plan for $5/month with advanced presentation and sharing tools, or their ‘Organization’ plan for $8/member of your team, which includes all of the Awesome plan features, plus specialized tools for managing data among large groups.

My most tried and true method would have to be just a plain old pencil and paper.

Sometimes I use sticky notes that I organize across my wall, switching ideas between categories and developing new subcategories and adding new ideas wherever I can. Much like the Sticky app.

Other times I like to journal. This is probably my most tried and true exercise. I will start to write about my day, my desire to blog, and then I will just start to hash out my ideas to myself as part of the narrative. This process could take a couple minutes or maybe even a couple hours, but it is usually pretty effective.

There will very surely be many more times in my future when I am at a loss for ideas. When the writer’s block creeps in again.

What are some of the ways that you get your creativity flowing again?

Do you know of any handy apps?

Please share in the comments below.


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Allisonxo is a she/her identifying feminist from Toronto, Canada who is a lifelong crafter and lover of vegan food and thrifting.

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