Author Nikki Vergakes

Nikki Vergakes is a 22-year-old writer, podcaster and PR Specialist. She enjoys writing and making content for digital media. She also dedicates her time to political activism. She'll take any chance she gets to combine the two. In her free time, she takes a break from the computer with... the computer. She enjoys deep-diving into memes, YouTube videos, Netflix originals and vine compilations (no wonder her glasses prescription is so high!) She does run half marathons and hikes occasionally, however, so she does get outside. E-mail her with tips, story ideas, ways to collaborate on digital content and any YouTube drama!

Salem Homecoming

They say home is where the heart is. Well, you could safely say I left my heart in Salem, Massachusetts. You know you really love a…

Being Nicer To Myself

I want to take back the joy of doing mindless things without worrying about what I’m doing next. I want to take a walk without having…

Trump’s Gag Rule

            When did it start? Did it start with “grab her by the pussy”? Did it start with Stormy Daniels? What about the several other sexual…

Making History

It’s no secret that a “blue wave” is set to hit the U.S. Senate and Congress come November 2018 – if the fervent activism we’ve been…

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