Allison Moyer :: Founder

Allison Moyer is the founder She Zine Mag. She resides in Toronto, Ontario Canada with her long time boyfriend, 4 dogs & 2 cats.

She has spent time living in various provinces across Canada, but is happy to be back home in Ontario, living near family and friends, where she can enjoy the Niagara Escarpment with her dogs and yearly camping in Algonquin Park.

She is a serial entrepreneur and long time blogger, having had her first foray into the world of online selling and blogging back in 2005 with her first retail venture, the Rag Boutique, which dealt with the retail sale of handmade and vintage goods.

Allison is also the founder of the Cordially Yours Craft Sale & Rock Show series, which has had shows in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Toronto, Ontario. She and the event series has been featured in Venus Zine (online), The Uniter, The Manitoban, and Broken Pencil Magazine (as a cartoon).

She is a profound lover of music and has been sneaking into clubs and bars to enjoy local bands since she was 15yrs old. She loves Canadian indie rock, but has also been known to thrown on some vintage De La Soul or Digable Planets.


Who Is The Womxn Who Has Influenced the Most:
Kay Redfield Jameson, who has accomplished many amazing things with her education and career, while also living with bipolar disorder. She is the author of An Unquiet Mind and Touched With Fire, among many other significant titles on mental illness and suicide.

Most Used App on Your Phone:
#AColorStory by A Beautiful Mess!! I’ve actually edited a ton of images for the blog & mag using their amazing filters and confetti overlays. It’s the best!

Best Period In Fashion:
I love the style of the early ’90s diy movement. I still try to keep as much handmade in my closet as possible.

Guilty Pleasure:
Too many pierogis with vegan sour cream!!

What Is The Most Awesome Thing About You:
My ability to do a lot with a little.

Words You Live By:
Take the risk, or you will lose the chance.

Nikki Vergakes, Contributing Writer

Nikki Vergakes is a 22-year-old writer, podcaster and PR Specialist. She enjoys writing and making content for digital media. She also dedicates her time to political activism. She’ll take any chance she gets to combine the two.

In her free time, she takes a break from the computer with… the computer. She enjoys deep-diving into memes, YouTube videos, Netflix originals and vine compilations (no wonder her glasses prescription is so high!) She does run half marathons and hikes occasionally, however, so she does get outside.

E-mail her with tips, story ideas, ways to collaborate on digital content and any YouTube drama!


Who Is The Womxn Who Has Influenced the Most::Grace Helbig – comedian, author, podcast host, overall feminist. She made a name for herself on the internet and is proving to people that folks who got their start on the internet are legitimate entertainers. 

Most Used App on Your Phone::Snapchat, I’m still not on the Instagram Story wave fully. It’s where I can fully be my silly self.

Best Period In Fashion::The 90’s. Love me some baggy clothes and weird patterns.

Guilty Pleasure::Reality TV and Pizza

What Is The Most Awesome Thing About You:: My drive and determination.

Words You Live By::The only constant in life is change!